Vince van der Walt established Vince van der Walt Attorneys in February 2021 with the aim of providing tailored legal solutions for each individual client.

At Vince van der Walt Attorneys every client’s matter receives the attention it deserves and we always strive to deliver high quality legal services.

Vince completed his LLB degree at the University of Pretoria in 2008 and was admitted as a practising attorney in 2012 and has 10+ years’ post admission experience. He also holds an LLM degree from Unisa with a focus on Administrative Law having completed his thesis on the functus officio doctrine and unlawful administrative action (https://independent.academia.edu/VincevanderWalt?from_navbar=true).

Vince has worked at various prestigious law firms during his time in practice but decided to forge his own path by establishing Vince van der Walt Attorneys. Vince always strives to deliver legal services at an affordable rate without compromising quality of work.

Vince has a keen interest in Administrative Law and the arena of control of state power and the functioning of the state. This includes the judicial review of the awarding of tenders and administrative action by the state in general.

Vince has also developed a medical law practice with specific focus on assisting health practitioners with disputes against medical schemes. In April 2020, he had the honour of having an article published in the De Rebus Legal Journal (https://www.derebus.org.za/a-fly-in-the-ointment-the-headaches-caused-by-s-593-of-the-medical-schemes-act/).

When not practising law, Vince spends his time making and recording music or reading a good book.

Please feel free to contact Vince at 072 845 7035 for any legal related queries.

Vince van der Walt LLB LLM